Brushing is important

It has just been a whirlwind over here and I’ve been meaning to write but everytime I think about it it has been late and I refuse to blog/journal right before bed but tonight I make an exception or I will just keep putting it off. My sketchbook skool kourse has been marvelous and now they are offering something I just couldn’t pass up which is an Urban Sketching kourse. I have two books on the subject, seen plenty of YouTube videos and been dying to jump in but have been scared but hopefully after this kourse I will be all about it. The kourse I’m taking now is called Draw it like it’s Hot, about sketching/drawing out a recipe, is wonderful. I need to get more practice in but I’m getting there. 

My crochet project is really coming along and at first I was bummed about my second and last set of colors I have choosen but now that I’m putting them together I’m really pumped about it but that is usually how I am until I see them together. For some reason when I try to mix match and make crazy color schemes they end up turning out good. On top of crocheting and sketchbook skool I’m making brooches. I am almost finished with a custom order for 4 brooches which is exciting because I am adding crochet elements as well as a few steampunk elements to them. 

So today I go to La Poste to mail a brooch I agreed to do for an auction and some other misc. items. There is this very attractive man working today, beard and all but OMG!!! Did he forget to brush or does he have oral hygiene issues because it was all good until he said something close enough to my nose that my nose hairs were burned off by the smell. Soooooooo attractive then that, yuck. I hope he didn’t notice I jerked my head back a little, lol for real. Brushing ones teeth and tongue are very important but if  you decide to skip that one day make sure you aren’t going into work please. 


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