A Foodie learns to sketch food/recipes

A lot has been going on or at least in my mind I seem to be busy or at least I’m making myself busy. Included in that busy life I have started to learn how to sketch and what better subject than food. I was turned on to sketchbook skool, I forgot by whom but it was a great discovery. I followed them on youtube and thought one day why not after seeing the course for sketching food and recipes. I haven’t drawn in a long time and usually find painting easier because I was scared to draw and had no clue how to sketch. I have learned so many techniques in this 4 week course and I’m glad I’ve taken the time to learn and practice which I continue to do.  Another great experience is learning how to use watercolor and colored pencils. I have a ton of both but have never really used them. I’ve used more colored pencil, to do coloring pages,  than watercolors. To use the both of them together different ways is still a learning process when you do a wash in watercolor and try to do a colored pencil drawing on top but practice practice practice!! 

Now when I’m out and about at a cafe or restaurant by myself I won’t be afraid to whip out my art tools and sketch a bit of what I’m eating or drinking, muahahahahaha!!! I had no clue how to do it before because I thought it had to be realistic but now I realize that is not the case. It is all about preception, your style, and at least making it recognizable in what it is, not an exact reproduction of what you are eating/seeing. It is about shapes, colors and ME!!!  Will this help with my jewelry designing you ask?? I can say right now it is helping with the creative juices as well as my other projects are helping out this old brain of mine. 


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