Night Yoga in bed, Cat has other ideas

So there I am in the bed doing yoga in the dark and meditating. I want to get a great night sleep as well as get back into my practice and thought why not ooze back into it by switching it up to a night practice instead of a day one. I’m in the bed on like my 5th pose and then I hear it, the cat making that noise that makes all cat owners cringe. I tried to be like I’ll get it after I finish but I couldn’t. My mind was not having it. I arrive at the other end of the hall to find both cats staring at it as if it were an alien. Cleaned it up and started my yoga practice back from the top. The practice is only maybe about 15mins long so no prob in starting over. I just wish the cat would find some other time to do her catty ways, hahahahaha.

Just finished and mailed out another custom order which feels good. I did a brooch for an auction and the person who won it wrote me and told me she was pumped she won it and loves it. That always makes me feel good especially since my brooche aren’t the norm at all. I’m also now stepping into the world of lapel pins which I don’t if I mentioned before but I’ve already dipped my toes in. I’ve made 2 so far. My husband with a little attitude, only because he didn’t like the crochet bit to it, wore one to our friend’s wedding and he received so many compliments. I’m just a little frustrated I didn’t have any business cards to hand out but soon I’m going to fix that problem. Nothing fancy at first just my name, web shop address, instagram, and e-mail address. I’m still playing around in my head what exactly I want on the card but web shop and of course my name are set in stone going on the card. I showed my dad the two I made because he use to wear suits a lot and he loved them. I mean I know he is my dad but he didn’t say oh those are nice he really was impressed with what I made. He doesn’t wear suits a lot any more but still wears blazers and has plenty other stock lapel pins so I was happy to hear him say he impressed by what he saw. I’ve decided of course to make more but this time have different backs in case someone wanted to wear it as a brooch instead of a lapel pin. They are still small but just big enough to hide the closure on it. I’m adding all kinds of touches to these new ones. Some have steampunk gears, some crochets pieces, some have leather, all have fabric, and most will or have polymerclay pieces. It is exciting. I have been working on them here and there this past 3 weeks but it is hard when my husband is home on vacation but I’ve managed to get things done and out. I also need to revise my shop to get more customers which I know means I need better pictures and I finally made my own natural light box to shoot my small wares and so far it is lovely. I’ve taken a few pictures of my product and it is way better than what I did before. Now I just need to get the new items ready and then I can retake pictures of the older items with the name and BAM!!!


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