This is about sharing my everyday experiences of how and what I create and taking you on that journey with me. Showing the ins and outs of my process and how the world and scenery around me affects my style as well as what I decide to create. My personal journey affects my art in profound ways and here I’m looking forward in sharing that with you.

Sharing my vision with you and allowing you to see what goes on behind the scenes. This is a journey into my life. How a picture from a vacation can turn into so much more than a photograph taken but turn into a bespoke brooch or something on canvas. Sometimes it is me just having a little down time and letting you see the little adventures in my life.

I am also an aspiring writer so who knows you might just see short stories from time to time to keep things lively giving you a chance to see another side of my artsy self. NanoWriMo and one of my best friends has inspired me to pick up the pen again so to speak in this world of technology.